Wash Process Systems

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Precision Machined Parts
PRECISION PARTS - Machined parts are cleaned
and phosphated prior to assembly and painting.

Our spotless reputation will make you shine.

For nearly five decades, companies of all sizes have looked to Infratrol for innovative solutions to their processing problems. They come to us because we specialize in application-design and manufacturing of high performance wash systems as well as ovens and paint systems. They know Infratrol Wash Systems have a reputation for superior cleaning, optimum performance, high reliability, versatility and low operating cost. Our wash systems are used to clean a wide variety of products in any size or shape made of metal, plastic, rubber and ceramic materials. We have also developed a fully automatic, environmentally-safe wash system that is an ideal replacement for vapor degreasers. However, Infratrol does not have a standard line of “off-the-shelf” products. We know that each manufacturing process has its own particular application requirements, so we custom design each single or multistage wash system to fit your exact needs. Your system is then individually engineered and built through careful “handcraftsmanship.” To ensure that our system will keep perfect pace with your process, we have special expertise in developing unique product handling systems and process controls. And because all components in our systems are designed to meet or exceed most recognized national standards, you'll find they are highly reliable. You will also find that we have earned a reputation for fast, on-time delivery.

3-Stage Washer with Dryer Oven
Baskets of parts are cleaned in a 3-stage
process and dried in an integral oven.

Custom design...ensures your wash system goes with the flow.

With Infratrol’s custom design approach, you can be sure of getting an integrated wash system that will best meet your specific surface preparation requirements. We work closely with your engineers and chemical suppliers to gather precise information about what your surface cleaning process is expected to accomplish. We use this information to design the most efficient and economical surface preparation system for your manufacturing process.

2-Stage Combination Washer/Dryer
Tooling fixtures are diverted to this 2-Stage
combination washer/drier then returned
to the production line.

Your product will be transported through the wash process by a material handling system precisely engineered for the size, shape and production rate of your products. Large parts are transported by overhead conveyors or mesh belts. Smaller parts are handled in baskets on roller conveyors while very small parts may be tumbled in a drum washer. No matter what your specific requirements may be, you can rest assured that your Infratrol Wash System will deliver maximum performance and productivity... day-after-day, year-after-year.

Stainless Steel Washer
parts are prepared for painting in
a stainless steel washer with an
overhead monorail conveyor system.

Custom manufacturing... quality that glistens.

Infratrol not only provides you with custom system design, but custom engineering and custom manufacturing as well. Once the design parameters for your wash system are finalized, we will begin the engineering phase to turn your concept into reality. Detail drawings and specifications are carefully completed, reviewed and approved before we begin to manufacture your system. Our emphasis is two fold: (1) to ensure your equipment will be built to the highest quality standards and; (2) once it is built, make sure it will solve your particular processing problem. During the custom manufacturing of your system, you'll find no detail is left to chance...from metal fabrication through welding, wiring and your custom paint finish. Our 30,000 square foot plant is subdivided into custom manufacturing cells that allow us to hand build your system with the finest craftsmanship possible. Our experienced craftsmen won't release a single piece of equipment from their cell until it meets our high quality standards.

When all the pieces of your equipment are completed, they are assembled on our plant floor into a total working system. Your system is then tested and re-tested until we're sure it will provide the kind of performance it was designed to deliver. Because, at Infratrol, its not just quality control's total control of quality!

Drum Washer for Processing Automotive Parts
AUTOMOTIVE - Combination 2-Stage
drum washer with integral dry-off
section for processing small parts.

Electronic controls... state-of-the-art, a work of art.

One of the biggest differences you'll find between Infratrol and others is our electronic control systems. We design and build every control system to maintain precise temperatures and to keep our material handling system in perfect pace with your process. We can also design them to interface with your automated, in-plant control system. And, unless you dictate otherwise, we utilize only the best, state-of-the-art controls, UL approved electrical components, digital indicating micro-processor based controllers and NEC wiring. With our custom designed control system, your wash process will be the ultimate in production efficiency.

Custom Designed for Total Quality Control
Since all Infratrol washers are
custom designed and manufactured,
every piece of equipment is thoroughly
checked and re-checked until it
meets the most stringent standards.

Infratrol process testing... lets you know before it’s a go.

Prior to building your wash system, we can test your recommended process in our state-of-the-art laboratory. We encourage your engineering and operating personnel to be involved during the testing at our lab. Here, they will see first-hand that the process will achieve the desired results and that it is compatible with your operations. By the time your staff leaves our premises, they will know that the Infratrol process will meet your specifications and quality requirements. We’ll get you cleaned up... and make sure you stay that way. At Infratrol, we don't consider the job is done until our system is running smoothly with your process. So once your wash system is completed, our field service staff is available to ensure it's properly installed in your manufacturing plant. We then provide your staff with complete operation and maintenance manuals and offer them all the training they need to get maximum production from your new Infratrol System. We also provide you with a full, oneyear (2,100 hour) equipment guarantee. Plus, complete parts backup and immediate service should there be a problem. We do everything possible to ensure that your Infratrol System will keep you cleaned up for years to come.

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