Finishing Systems EcoFlex | MicroFlex

Paint Finishing System

Paint or Powder Coating

Pick your requirements for part size, production rate, cleaning and curing characteristics. Infratrol will build a system that perfectly suits your needs.

Paint Finishing Systems

For best protection and appearance, you need a paint system designed specifically for the products to be finished. Capacity, footprint, cool down, flash-off, dust control – heated by gas, steam, oil, or electricity – let Infratrol quote on your finishing system.

EcoFlex Industrial Powder Coating System

70% energy savings in a tiny footprint, using a non-aqueous metal prep section.

MicroFlex Industrial Powder Coating System

Modular system, compact and energy-efficient, using an aqueous washer.

“I had a tight space and Infratrol had a powder coat system that fit into less than 800 square feet.”

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