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MicroFlex Industrial Powder Coating Oven

Energy Efficient - Compact
Modular - Low Emission

This industrial powder coating oven operates on $7.50/hr total energy cost.

The MicroFlex Powder Coating System advantages include:

Energy Efficiency

The MicroFlex takes advantage of the low temperature cleaning & surface preparation chemistry currently available and a Dry-Off Oven that recuperates heat exhausted from the IR Cure Ovens.


The MicroFlex is based on standardized stations, including Wash, Rinse & Surface Prep, Dry-Off, Paint Application, Cure and Cool. Expansion and relocation are made easy.


The MicroFlex optimizes use of production floor space. The basic system fits into about 875 ft2.

Low Environmental Impact

The MicroFlex is an all electric system which generates a very small carbon foot print when compared to conventional powder coating systems.

The MicroFlex Powder Coating System…

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Download the Microflex Powder Coating Systems Brochure:

Microflex Powder Coating System (PDF - 3.5 MB)

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