Radiant Ovens

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Conveyorized Infrared Oven
Conveyorized electric infrared
oven; interior shaped to suit part.

A Half Century of Infrared

From its beginning, INFRATROL has manufactured infrared ovens of quality and innovative design. Today we continue to provide infrared heaters and ovens using a variety of infrared sources to suit your special needs. INFRATROL has manufactured infrared heaters of many standard designs as well as custom ovens of unusual shapes and configurations. INFRATROL will work closely with your engineers and production personnel to provide the best possible solution for your process challenges. We can provide either electric or gas radiant sources with or without heated circulated air; whatever suits your process best.

Electric Infrared

We include an analysis of your product and process to apply the correct type of radiant heat to achieve the best results. Various emitters can be used, including incoloy sheath tubular heaters or shorter wave length quartz tubes. T3 quartz lamps can be applied where higher intensities are required. The selected heaters are then designed to mount inside an insulated enclosure shaped to fit your product, process and building space. Finally, a handling system, or conveyor, is designed to properly carry your work through the infrared oven.

Radiant Oven Control Panel
Typical radiant oven control panel

Electronic Controls... State-of-the- Art, A Work of Art

One of the biggest differences you'll find in any INFRATROL oven is our electronic control systems. We design and build your system to maintain temperatures within the most stringent standards and to keep the material handling system in perfect pace with your process. We can also interface with your automated control system. We utilize only the best, state-of-the-art UL approved electrical components, digital indicating microprocessor-based controllers and NEC wiring practices. With our custom-designed control system, your thermal process will be the ultimate in production efficiency.

Gas Infrared Impingement Burner
Gas infrared impingement burner.

Gas Infrared.

Product size, production rate and/or operating costs may lead to the selection of gas fired emitters. These emitters include porous tile, impingement, or gas catalytic burners. INFRATROL has many years of experience in the application of gas radiant ovens to process metal, plastic, wood paper, cement and various composite materials for the automotive, appliances, rubber, building products, and foundry industries.

Gas Radiant Strip Mill Drying Oven
Radiant strip mill dryer.

Combination Infrared
& Convection.

INFRATROL has the experience to combine the application of infrared with circulated air. This hybrid design is applicable to dry, ventilate, preheat or limit peak surface temperature on heat sensitive plastic or foam products.

Printing Cylinder Radiant Preheater
Printing cylinder radiant preheater.

Custom Design... A Sure-Fire Approach.

Many companies try to solve your particular needs with adaptations to their standard equipment. INFRATROL, however, custom designs and builds the very best system for your specific needs. We carefully analyze your total manufacturing and production requirements. We also consider all the elements and variables of your process such as: size, weight, materials and production volumes. We work closely with your engineering, operation and safety staff as well as your other suppliers and your building contractor to ensure that all factors are considered. We utilize our years of design experience, computerized design capabilities and relationships with our vendors to produce the most efficient, cost-effective system. One that delivers maximum performance and productivity day-after-day, year-after-year.

Infrared Cement Shingle Preheating Oven
Gas infrared cement shingle preheat.

INFRATROL Process Testing... Lets You Know Before It’s a Go.

We will test your recommended process in our state-of-the-art laboratory at our expense. We encourage your engineering and operating personnel to be present during the testing. Under carefully simulated manufacturing conditions, they will see first-hand that the process will achieve the desired results, and that it is compatible with your operations. By the time your staff leaves our facilities, they will know the INFRATROL process meets your specifications, expectations and quality requirements.

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