MicroFlex Powder Coating System

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MicroFlex Powder Coating System Interior
MicroFlex Powder Coating System Interior

The MicroFlex Powder Coating System advantages include:

Energy Efficient

MicroFlex takes advantage of the low temperature cleaning & surface preparation chemistry currently available and a Dry-Off Oven that recuperates heat exhausted from the IR Cure Ovens


MicroFlex is based on standardized stations, including Wash, Rinse & Surface Prep, Dry-Off, Paint Application, Cure and Cool. Expansion and relocation are made easy.

MicroFlex Powder Coating System Drawing
MicroFlex Powder Coating System drawing


MicroFlex optimizes use of production floor space. The basic system fits into about 875 ft.²

Low-Enviromental Impact

MicroFlex is an all electric system which generates a very small carbon foot print when compared to conventional powder coating systems.

The MicroFlex Powder Coating System… Think Lean… Think Green©

The MicroFlex Powder Coating System is available in the following standard sizes:

System Designation
Opening Size Max Length Design Speed Foot Print Requirement Conveyor Capacity
Micro-1030-4.3 10” W x 30” H 36" 4 FPM 27' x 32' 3 Stage
Micro-1030-4.5 10” W x 30” H 36" 4 FPM 24' x 40' 5 Stage
Micro-1030-8.3 10” W x 30” H 36" 8 FPM 27’ x 48’ 3 Stage
Micro-1030-8.5 10” W x 30” H 36" 8 FPM 24' x 56' 5 Stage
Micro-1650-4.3 16" W x 50" H 48" 4 FPM 29' x 32' 3 Stage
Micro-1650-4.5 16" W x 50" H 48" 4 FPM 26' x 40' 5 Stage
Micro-1650-8.3 16" W x 50" H 48" 8 FPM 29' x 48' 3 Stage
Micro-1650-8.5 16" W x 50" H 48" 8 FPM 26' x 56' 5 Stage

All MicoFlex Powder Coating Systems are available in 480 Volt, 380 Volt, 240 Volt, 208 Volt, or 575 Volt configurations.

In-House MicroFlex Powder Testing
In-House MicroFlex Powder Testing

INFRATROL Powder Testing

Seeing is Believing

Let us test your parts on our in-house MicoFlex demonstration line. Bring your engineering and operating personnel to be present during the testing. Under carefully simulated manufacturing conditions, they will see first-hand that the process will achieve the desired results, and that it is compatible with your operations. By the time your staff leaves our facilities, they will know the MicroFlex process meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.

Standard Solutions or Custom Designed Systems...

In addition to the standard equipment detailed inside, INFRATROL can also custom design and build a system for your specific needs. We carefully analyze your total manufacturing and production requirements. We also consider all the elements and variables of your process such as: size, weight, materials and production volumes. We work closely with your engineering, operation and safety staff as well as your other suppliers and your building contractor to ensure that all factors are considered. We utilize our years of design experience, computerized design capabilities and relationships with our vendors to produce the most efficient, cost-effective system. A system that delivers maximum performance and productivity day-after-day, year-after-year.

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