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Industrial Batch Humidity Ovens

Many adhesives are cured in and environment of increased heat and humidity. INFRATROL Heat/Humidity Chambers are designed and built to your specific requirements for part size, production rate and thermal characteristics.

Below is just a sample of the custom capabilties available at Infratrol.

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Batch Humidity Curing Oven
Batch Humidity Curing Oven

Batch Humidity Curing Oven

Electrically Heated Batch Humidity Curing Oven is used to cure adhesives and seals at a lower temperature and shorter cure cycles. The PLC based control system monitors and adjusts temperature and relative humidity during the desired cure cycle. All our Humidity Ovens are fabricated using stainless steel. Typical oven operating temperature for this application is 120°F (50°C) with 60% RH.

Curing Oven Reference # 7425

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