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Batch Ovens

Industrial Batch Annealing Ovens

The annealing process uses heat to decrease strength and increase ductility. Annealing Ovens are typically used to anneal both metal and plastic products. INFRATROL Annealing and Tempering Ovens are designed and built to your specific requirements for part size, production rate and thermal characteristics. Below is just a sampling of some of the Annealing and Tempering Ovens we have built.

Custom Annealing Ovens

If you do not see the oven or application you are looking for, please contact Infratrol to learn about our custom capabilities.

Steam Heated, 3 Cavity Conveyorized Batch Indexing Oven
3 Cavity Conveyorized Batch Indexing Oven

Steam Heated,
3 Cavity Conveyorized Batch Indexing Oven

Steam heated, three cavity batch oven used to anneal and shrink plastic strips used on automobiles. Strips are mounted on large work racks which are transported in and out of the oven on three sets of chain conveyors. Oven cavities have air operated door and with automatic loading and unloading from each oven cavity.

Reference # 6208

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