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Slat Type Conveyor Oven for Drying Steel Parts

February 25, 2015

Conveyor Drying Oven for Drying Steel Parts
Conveyor Drying Oven for Drying Steel Parts
  • Parts: pipe nipples
  • Process: cure adhesive
  • Electrically heated slat type conveyor drying oven
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 200º F


  • Air Flow: Top-down airflow using high velocity engineered air nozzles
  • Indexing Conveyor: Slat-type indexing conveyor system using part holders mounted to a chain conveyor.
  • Parts Loaded by Robots: Part sensor to indicate when ready to load the parts.
  • Control System: Fully wired and tested control system

Slat Type ConveyorSlat Type Conveyor

Steel Pipe Nipples
Pipe Nipples

Other Applications

Other potential applications for slat type conveyor ovens include: drying water, curing paint and other coatings, aluminum aging, electronics processing, plastic annealing, heating many aerospace and automotive parts.

Ref. 7670

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