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Temper Furnace Shipped to Fastener Manufacturer

February 4, 2015

2-Zone Tempering Furnace
2-Zone Tempering Furnace
  • Gas Fired 2-Zone Temper Furnace
  • For tempering various machine screws
  • Production Rate: 1500lbs per hour
  • Heating Time: 132 minutes  
  • Conveyor Style: Chain edge mesh belt
  • Conveyor speed: 10.5 FPH
  • Temperature: 400ºF to 1200ºF
  • Overall Oven Size: 28’ long x 12’ wide x 12’ high
  • Other uses for this type of equipment: hydrogen embrittlement relief, annealing, preheating, drawing and drying, aluminum aging


  • Two Zones – Temper Furnace (Temper Oven) includes both a heatup and a soak zone
  • Mesh Conveyor – Chain edge stainless steel balance weave belt conveyor for positive tracking and maintenance free operation
  • Factory Acceptance Test – Achieved temperature uniformity of +/- 10°F
Tempering Machine Screws on Mesh ConveyorTempering Machine Screws


Ref. 7639

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