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Oven for Curing Rubber Parts Shipped

August 6, 2014

Oven for Curing Rubber Parts
Oven for Curing Rubber Parts
  • Electrically heated batch oven, 450°F Operating Temperature, 500°F Maximum Temperature (72kW)
  • Interior Dimensions: 6' width x 6' length x 6' height
  • Bi-parting doors on one end of the oven for loading and unloading of customer supplied carts


Insulated Floor w/ Cart Tracks – Oven is supplied with an insulated floor to prevent any possible damage to the facility floors.  Cart guide tracks make it easier to load and unload the carts containing parts.

Water Misting System – A water misting system is supplied in case of a fire in the oven because the rubber parts contain a high amount of volatile material.  The uncontrolled temperature of a flame will trigger the system to release water which will turn into a mist and suppress the fire while not jeopardizing the integrity of the oven wall insulation. 

Rubber Parts Curing Oven showing bi-parting doors
Rubber Parts Curing Oven
showing bi-parting doors

Digital Temperature Controller & Recorder – The controller contains a digital display screen and can store recipes for the customer’s different heating cycles.  A front USB port is also provided for a storage drive to be uploaded and downloaded to/from the controller to a computer.  The digital temperature recorder is a paperless solution that allows you to track the oven air temperature at different times during a heating cycle.

Rubber Parts
Rubber Parts

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