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Drying Oven for Curing Wood Paint Custom-Built for Siding Manufacturer

July 29, 2014

Wood Paint Curing Oven for Siding Manufacturer
Wood Paint Curing Oven for Siding Manufacturer
  • For curing water-based paint on fiber cement and wood boards
  • Gas fired drying oven with shuttle and transfer conveyor
  • Temperature: 150°F Operate, 200°F Maximum
  • Dwell Time: 4 minutes (in heat zone) @ 5 FPM
  • Water Load: 15 Gallons per hour (max.)
  • Product Load: 13,000 lbs. per hour (max.)
  • Maximum product width: 16”
  • Overall Oven Size: 51'‑6" Long x 29'‑3" Wide x 9'‑11" High


Pop-up Style Transfer Conveyer – Powered roller conveyor with high speed pop-up transfer chains located between rollers rapidly transfers the boards 90° from the in-line coater direction to the side travel oven/cooling direction.

Pop-Up Style Transfer Conveyor
Pop-Up Style Transfer Conveyor

Inboard Optical Sensor – Inboard optical sensor initiates transfer by sensing the trailing edge of the board

Graphical Operator Control Station – Control station supports ethernet connectivity, FLASH card for data storage, programming over the Internet, and networking capabilities with PLCs via ethernet

Circulation – 4 flash off fans and 3 cooling fans

Ref. # 7627

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