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White Paper: Pop-Up Roller Conveyors Ideal for Right-Angle Transfer of Parts

July 22, 2014

Pop-Up Roller Conveyors are effective in transferring a pallet or tray from a chain conveyor to a powered (live) roller conveyor, or vice versa. Ideal when a right angle turn is required, at speeds up to 100 FPM or even faster. Commonly used with wood drying and cement drying lines, motor curing, baskets of fasteners or trays of steel parts, electronics parts, appliance foaming lines, and conveying automotive components, among many others.

  1. The chains transfer the load into position above the powered rollers.
  2. The powered rollers pop up and lift the load off the chains.
  3. The powered rollers convey the load away at a right angle.
  4. The rollers drop below the chains in preparation for the next load.

Powered rollers pop up and lift the load off the chains, then convey it away

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