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Epoxy Curing Oven Supplied to Electronics Manufacturer

Electronic Module Epoxy Curing Oven with Powered Roller Conveyor
Epoxy Curing Oven with Powered Roller Conveyor
  • For curing epoxy on electronic modules
  • Manually loaded, dual lane indexing chain conveyor system
  • Parts carried on trays
  • 185º F (85º C) Operating, 212º F (100º C) Maximum
  • Maximum product size: 18” w x 19” l x 2.5” high
  • Electrically heated: 48 KW on 480/3/60
  • Product load: 80 lbs per foot; Dwell time: 40 minutes @ 2.0 FPM

Special Features

    Electronic Module
    Electronic Module
    Powered Roller Conveyor – to deliver product to the load end. Includes a pop-up transfer conveyor section at the oven exit to transfer product from the indexing oven conveyor to the powered roller conveyor.
  • Insulated Walls – 3" insulated walls with an aluminized steel exterior and interior skin within a structural steel frame
  • Air Circulation – exhaust fan with manual and top mounted, aluminized steel air supply duct with high velocity nozzles and recirculation fan with TEFC motor.
  • Heating Elements – metal sheath electric heating elements installed in the recirculation air stream
Industrial Drying Oven for Motor Rotor Lubricants
Powered Roller Return Conveyor
Motor Rotor
Dual Lane Indexing Chain Conveyor

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