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Oven for Drying Lubricant from Motor Rotors Shipped by Infratrol

Oven for Drying Motor Rotor Lubricant
  • Electrically heated oven, 300°F Operating Temperature, 400°F Maximum Temperature
  • 16'6" overall length, 6'6" heated length, 5'0" cooling by propeller fan
  • Product Information: Aluminum & Steel rotors; 5" diameter, 5 lbs. each; 4,000 lbs. per hour through the oven

Special Features

  • Portable Oven – Oven is compact enough to be moved around the customer’s facility.  Having the equipment electrically heated makes portability easier as well.
  • Forced Air Cooling – Two 30" diameter propeller fans mounted above the product force air onto the parts to cool them enough to be handled and unloaded by the customer.
  • Conveyor System – A flat wire steel belt transports the parts through the oven.  This conveyor includes a variable frequency drive (VFD) on the motor in order to easily adjust the speed, and overload protection to protect the conveyor in-case of a jam.
  • Top-Down Airflow – The top air supply duct forces the heated air onto the product below.  This air supply design maximizes air impingement onto the product, ensuring the driest possible product.
Industrial Drying Oven for Motor Rotor LubricantsMotor Rotor

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