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Infratrol Ships Polypropylene Adhesive Drying Oven to Leading Automotive Manufacturer

Refrigerator Preheat Oven - Applicance Manufacturer

April 9, 2014

  • Electrically heated batch drying oven
  • For drying adhesive of polypropylene door parts
  • 200º normal temperature, 250º maximum temperature
  • 3 minute dwell time
  • 4 heated shelves, 39” wide by 44” deep inside dimension
  • Product load: 8 parts, 2 per shelf

Special Features

Product - Refrigerator Case
  • Circulation Ducts – Reinforced, aluminized steel to reduce vibration. High velocity slots direct the air flow directly onto the work. Provides uniform temperature throughout the oven and rapid heat transfer.
  • Access Doors – Four bottom hung doors
  • Exhaust Fan – Belt driven, centrifugal fan and motor handle any vapors. Adjustable damper reduces exhaust air flow to NFPA safety standards.
  • Electrical Heating Elements – Assembly mounted in recirculation air stream for maximum heat transfer. Easy access via removable panel.
  • Casters – Mounted on high quality locking casters for ease of moving.
  • Electrical Control – Provides rapid oven heat-up and precise control. Magnetic motor starters and complete safety system to meet NFPA standards. Smart relay controls the temperature and timing of the drying process and operation of individual doors.

Ref #7645