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Infratrol Ships Refrigerator Preheat Ovens to World-Wide Appliance Manufacturer

Refrigerator Preheat Oven - Applicance Manufacturer

April 3, 2014

  • Electrically heated preheat conveyor oven
  • For preheating refrigerator cases
  • 135º normal temperature,
    150º maximum temperature
  • Maximum product size
    68” W x 36” H, 100 lb each
  • 30” high conveyor

Special Features

Product - Refrigerator Case
  • Non-Contact Temperature Sensor – Senses the temperature of the case at the last position inside the oven.
  • Closed-Loop Temperature Control – Includes magnetic motor starters, complete electrical safety system and separate high limit temperature control.
  • End Curtains – Product openings feature hanging vinyl curtains rated for the maximum oven temperature, to reduce heat spillout.
  • Circulation Ducts:  Side mounted aluminized steel air supply ducts equipped with high velocity nozzles to direct the air flow directly onto the work from both sides.
  • Electrical Heating Elements: Electric resistance heater system consisting of Incoloy elements, mounted in the recirculation air stream to provide maximum heat transfer.

Ref #7645