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Infratrol Ships Oven to Aerospace Industry for
Curing Pleated Filters

Conveyor Oven for Curing Pleated Filters

March 11, 2014

  • Gas Fired Conveyor Oven for Curing Pleated Filters
  • 350°F Operating Temperature; 400°F Maximum Temperature
  • Internal Heating Chamber Dimensions: 5'8"' W x 20' L; 7" high clear above belt.
  • Conveyor Overall Length is 29'10" with 3' end extensions at the entrance & exit.
  • Belt material is a flat wire steel belt supported by a steel slide bed.
Gas-Fired Curing Oven for Aerospace Industry


  • Block-off Sheets – Manual, adjustable sheets located by oven openings to reduce heat loss.
  • Top & Bottom Ducts – To quickly and efficiently cure moisture on filter material.
  • Line Speed – Adjustable in order to match customer conveyor that loads & unloads product.
  • Dual Air Kits – Efficient & economical choice for air supply; two smaller fans rather than one larger fan.
Pleated Filters for Aerospace Industry
Oven-Cured Pleated Filters

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