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Infratrol Receives Governor's Award for EcoFlex Powder Coat System

Dec 22, 2008

Think Lean…Think Green

INFRATROL Mfg. is a manufacturer of complete finishing systems, ovens, industrial parts washers and the EcoFlex Powder Coat System. They are located in New Berlin, WI. INFRATROL recently received a "2008 Governor's New Product Award" Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Development of the EcoFlex Powder Coat System".

EcoFlex Power Coat System

The EcoFlex Powder Coat System is a small foot print, ultra-low energy usage powder coat system that has many unique features. The specific EcoFlex process is an ambient temperature, single step clean and pretreatment process. The pretreatment process significantly reduces energy consumption, minimizes floor space requirements and produces no effluent. There is a dry off oven after the pretreatment process. This oven uses excess heat from the infrared cure oven which greatly reduces the energy demand for this process step.

After the powder booth there is a unique infrared cure oven that has engineered reflectors, a controlled convection process and a system control that enables this oven to cure many complicated components that do not conform to the typical "line of sight" limitations of infrared curing. The engineers at Infratrol Mfg. are quite pleasantly surprised at the capabilities of this infrared cure oven. This cure oven also has very low energy usage.

The final step in the process is an ambient cool down chamber which leads to the load and unload area. The EcoFlex system comes in various standard sizes that can be mixed and matched. The system is modular which brings great flexibility and the ability to add on to the system when required.

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