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Wood Coating Drying Ovens

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This system is designed to process wood and fiber cement products up to 48” wide, 24” long, 4” high.  In one hour, it can process 575 boards 6” wide x 16’ long.  Shorter lengths are baked two at a time.

Lower operating costs make convection air the best way for wood coating or paint drying ovens to remove water from thick coatings. 

Wood coating ovens or wood drying ovens are commonly used in siding applications. Siding is often factory finished with machine applied coatings.  Infratrol has developed a system to force dry these boards and panels using transfer conveyors and high velocity, convection air ovens.

The Infratrol 90 degree cross transfer Indexing conveyor produces a
smooth transfer of the wood trim products from the fast moving
(up to 200 fpm) coating line to the slower moving (7 fpm)
drying line that runs through the Infratrol oven.

Unpainted boards are manually fed into the load position and then through your coater using water based paint at a nominal thickness of 6 mils wet film. They are then sped up by a powered roller conveyor to create the gap that will allow the 90° transfer to take place. After transfer onto the oven conveyor, additional flash-off occurs before entering the oven.

The high-velocity, convection air, paint-drying oven has multiple temperature zones.  A gradual temperature increase removes much of the water from the coating before the higher temperature “skins over” the paint surface.  After exiting the oven, boards cool on the same conveyor.  Forced air cooling is usually not required. System includes all conveyors, from the coater discharge to final unloading, and a programmable PLC to control operations.

Infrared or convection air, Infratrol’s laboratory technicians will test your coatings to determine the best possible process.

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