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Rubber Curing Ovens

For rubber curing, rubber flock, and adhesive curing


Rubber Curing Ovens

Gas fired or electrically heated low profile curing ovens are available in modular units up to 40’ long.  Modules can be coupled together for greater productivity or for increased processing flexibility.

Full length duct design delivers heat to the product continuously along the entire length of the curing oven.  Extruded material is heated evenly and consistently as it travels through the curing oven – no more cold spots.  Hot air is also delivered below the transport belt, heating the entire perimeter of the extrusion evenly.

High efficiency motors, rugged tubular steel construction, and aluminized steel panels assure minimum maintenance and efficient operations for years to come.

Key advantages to Infratrol Low-Profile Ovens

  • Places the air handling and heating equipment below the work chamber
  • Permits better visibility throughout the work area
  • Better process control
  • Better access for quick maintenance
  • Controls are located within easy reach at floor level
  • Convenient access to oven interior
  • Ideal in areas where head room is limited


A wide variety of conveyor systems are available.  High speed Teflon® coated belts are used for transporting rubber extrusions.  Stainless steel or Teflon coated rolls are easily removable for cleaning or recoating.  Speeds can be adjusted to suit your extruder.

Cantilevered end pulleys enable easy belt maintenance and replacement. Pulleys are mounted inside the oven atmosphere so transport belt stays warm at all times. Ergonomically-designed controls regulate belt tracking, speed control, and tensioning during thermal expansion.

Cross section view of Rapid Set Curing Oven

Rapid Set Curing Oven cross-sectional view

High-velocity air nozzles running the length of the entire length of the oven provide maximum heat transfer for faster and more uniform heating of the rubber

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